woman-attracted-bad-boyWhy are most women attracted to those motorcycle types, dirty and grungy looking Lotharios that their mothers and fathers have told them to not be involved in?

Is it because of these men’s inherently good looks, scorching bad boy quality? Or is it a simple case of bad psychology: that women really do not know what’s good for them?

Believe it or not, there is a certain aura that bad boys exude that some women do find hopelessly irresistible.

It is so good to be bad. Or in this case, it is so good to be involved with someone bad. For one thing, there is the adventure. Either some find themselves in their own little thought-of movie or romantic novel that being together or being involved with a bad guy is just plain tempting.

The Bridget Jones saga, both the movie and book version, seem to echo these same sentiments. Why would a woman who already has her gentlemanly Darcy, still find something attractive from a devilish Cleaver? The latter is so mean and so manipulative. While the other is so straight up and sometimes, a bit uptight. So who should a confused woman choose?

bad-boyBasically, it is – sort of – a fact. Women love the little bad things found in men. Some do so because they love the drama. A relationship with bad men gets most women’s juices up and flowing. A date with them is unpredictable. One minute they may be out on a nice cozy dinner, the next minute they may be in a dark street corner making out. Meanwhile, a date with a straight-up men could be nice, simple, conventional and unsurprising. What follows after a quiet dinner may be a talk, and then some more talk, and a walk. Comfortable, safe and sometimes it might even be romantic. Although some do find such a scenario boring.

Sometimes, a date or a relationship with all the badness found in men is a great topic for a conversation for women the next day. Women love nitpicking every gory detail about their bad, bad men. How they have been bad, etc. However, women also enjoy talking about how their men has been good, in bed that is.

Sometimes, boys that are bad or those who have been bad are referred to as being a wolf, or being a fox. There may be a reason for this term. Both animals are predators. Women should not tread such dark waters, but sometimes they do. Believe it or not, it is the sexual opportunity and excitement that brings women or at least magnetizes them into the waiting arms of a manly predator.

Let us face it. Predators, or rather, men, could also sometimes be charming, if not handsome. No wonder it is so conveniently easy to simply fall head over heels over them. Plus, there is that dream fantasy of most females that they alone have this amazing and almost god-like quality to be able to change for the better all the bad men in their lives.

Fortunately or unfortunately, bad men makes some women feel instantly sexy. This is a stark difference from the guys touted as good who sometimes discourage some of their women to be as goody-goody as they can possibly be.

bad-man-dating-womanHowever, there are certain facts that just cannot be disregarded. There really is, and there should really be no excuse for being bad. Some men are just plain insensitive and no amount of patience, hope, wishing and dreaming could cover up for his badness. Men who are like this – please, please do remember – is not and could possibly be not that sincerely in love with the women in their lives. Believe it or not, they may be more in love with themselves than in anyone else. Try, as much as possible, to not fall for his own professions of his love for you. Chances are, and there is a great chance of this happening, his I-love-you’s may be his way to get what he wants with you.

All in all, dating bad men is good only for that purpose alone – dating. Adventure, sexual or otherwise, is good for the short term. Nice Guys appear to be less appealing as far as sexual attraction is concerned. Long term relationships require mutual trust and respect, a little kinkiness also wouldn’t hurt at all.

In fact, some women contend that those who are really nice seem to offer friendship instead of romance. So what is the point of being romantically involved with them if this is what women think of them?

The point here is that women do not literally prefer bad boys that are really bad as in those who commit crimes or whatsoever. They just have the tendency to be physically attracted to men who treat them a little harsh, those who do not pay attention to them, those who seem not to care for them, and those who do not give them 100% attention.
These are all boiled down to the fact that women are actually adventurous people. They would rather love men who start taking actions instead of trying to act “nice.”

nice-guy-datingMoreover, in order to understand why women are more physically attracted to the bad-boy image is to focus on the very core of attraction. It is merely based on attraction that women are paying more attention to the nasty ones. But this does not necessarily mean that women would prefer to have bad boys as their lifetime partner rather than the nice guys.

In fact, according to some recent surveys, almost 38% of women that were included in the respondents would still prefer nice guys, while only 15% want the bad ones. Consequently, nearly 34% would rather have a combination of both personalities.

So what do these figures show? It just means that women are still not insane who would literally choose the bad guys. They are only attracted to those who seem to carry a bad boy image but for a more serious relationship, the nice guys, or a combination of both personalities are much preferred.

nice-man-dating-womanGiven all that, the choice between the two kinds of personality is not a matter of who is the most preferred type of guy, rather, it is a matter of attraction. As long as the nice guys have what it takes to attract women, chances are they would be able to date women.

The bottom line is that women can be very fussy and may not make sense whenever they choose the kind of guy they would be interested in. In fact, they can go from one type to another type in just a short span.

But what makes women fall in love deeply is to have a personality that is not so straight and, yet, not that crooked. This pertains to those who are funny, confident, and has an air of mystery on the side.

After all, who would rather choose a boring man whom women were supposed to live with for the rest of their lives? Certainly not those-goody-two-shoes, right?