So, if you are setting out to meet an older women who might be interested in you, where should you look?

There are two obvious places where you can meet single women of any age.

cute-mature-womanThe first is at a bar. While Cougars are unlikely to hang out at the latest rave, they do go to bars. And, when they go to bars, they’re on the prowl. If you want to meet an older woman who is actively looking for a younger man, go to a bar where the female demographic is in their 30s.

The other common place to meet an older woman is online. While these women do go places such as EHarmony and, there are specific sites set up for older women and younger men to meet. While you could run into an older woman by chance on the mainstream site, if you are seeking out a Cougar, check out these sites:

But, don’t limit yourself to singles bars and online dating sites. If you want to meet a Cougar in real life, here are some places where you might find her.

1. Starbucks first thing in the morning
Remember, she’s a go-getter. She’s going to be at work first thing in the morning. That means that she’s going to need her coffee. So, one of the best places to meet an older lady who just might be interested in you is at the local coffee shop. You should frequent a Starbucks every morning and chat up the ladies you meet in line. A casual encounter over early morning coffee could lead to a late night romantic tryst over wine.

2. A “social” supermarket
Hey, these women have to eat. And, in virtually every major city, there’s a “social” supermarket located in a heavily singles area where casual encounters can lead to bigger things. Make a point of stopping in the supermarket in the evenings to see if you can pick up more than a loaf of bread and a bunch of bananas.

3. The Gym
cougar-datingA Cougar is, by definition, concerned about her looks. She’s not going to let her body go to pot just because she’s aging. So, the local gym is a great place to meet these women. In fact, personal trainers have an inside track to hooking up with fit, older women. But, even if you just are a gym rat, you can pick up a Cougar. Help her out with a machine, spot her on weights, or even take a spinning class to get to know some women. Early mornings and late evenings are the best time to meet these women as they have to work their work out around their busy careers.

4. Classes
Women like to do group activities more than men. And, a single woman is more likely to engage in self improvement classes than a single man is. Therefore, if you sign up for a writer’s workshop, wine tasting, or music appreciation class, you are quite likely to have the pick of the ladies. Perhaps the best kind of class to take is social dancing. Women tend to outnumber men in these classes and the activities require mixed gender pairs. So, you will be quite popular if you enroll in a social dancing class.

5. Weddings
mature-woman-datingYou don’t have to be a wedding crasher to meet women, but it would behoove you to attend all of the weddings you are invited to. Single women never feel quite as alone as they do at weddings when the focal point of the event is two people promising themselves to each other forever. If you attend weddings with the intent of meeting women, you’re sure to be in luck more often than not.

In other words when you are on the hunt for a cougar you need to make sure you put yourself in the places a cougar will be.