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Recreate Your First Date To Revive Your Relationship

You ever wish you could go back in time and just recreate all of the feelings you had for one another on the first date? Well, I've got a few ideas that might help you grab a hold of that [...]

What Is True Love?

Moving from "like" to "love" is one of the most important transitions a couple can make. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most misunderstood ones. Too many couples think that love is the same as infatuation. This equates love with [...]

Is Your Boyfriend A Good Match For You?

When you've been dating someone for a while and the initial fascination has worn off a little bit you may be wondering if you made the right decision getting involved with him. It's at this stage that many women will [...]

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Distance is just geography. But for the highly cynical, long distance relationships never work. Maintaining a sound relationship with both partners nearby can be hard enough, how much more if they are a thousand miles away from each other. However [...]

Signs Your Are Not Ready For a Relationship

Many people are so busy focusing on finding someone to be in a relationship with that they miss the fact that they’re not actually ready to be involved with anyone right then. It may seem that anyone would realize that [...]

I Need Love Help

You know what I do when I need love help? I think about the person I'm in love with and then list the reasons why I am in love with them. I think about the kinds of things they bring [...]

Is There Really Someone For Everyone

Something that keeps many single people hopeful is the belief that there’s someone in the world for everyone. This may or may not be true depending on the type of person you’re looking for and what you want to have [...]

Is He Really Committed To You

Commitment can be one of the scariest things that many men face in their lives. Everything is great as long as their girlfriends don’t expect them to totally commit to them, and only them. There’s just something about saying to [...]

Have a Better Marriage Today

It’s never too late to have a better marriage today. In this time of fast food, instant communications, five minute marriage ceremonies and quickie divorces it’s no wonder people expect and even demand that someone should make their marriage better [...]

How Do You Know When You Have Found The Right Person?

Love is such a wonderful thing that when shared by two people, the feelings become mutual and the gratifications achieved. All of these are established during the start of dating. Dating becomes the primary selection ground for people who wish [...]

How to Know If You’re Really in Love

One of the toughest questions in life is, “Is this love?” How can you know for sure that you are really in love? When you were a kid, you might have thought you were deeply and madly in love with [...]