Relationship Mistakes

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A Spoonful of Sugar For Your Relationship

An infatuation can disappear overnight, but a marriage doesn't fall apart that quickly. The disintegration of your relationship happens over time. Along the way, there are many opportunities to make your union more satisfying and healthy. But, many people spend [...]

How To Be A Challenge To Your Girlfriend

If you think that your girl is getting bored with you and your relationship you may want to know how to be a challenge to your girlfriend. Being a little less available and accommodating may seem like a good way [...]

How to Save Your Marriage and Relationship and Become Happy Again

Whether you have been married for only a brief period of time, many years, or even decades, you want your marriage to be the best that it can be! Not only do you and your spouse deserve happiness, this book [...]

Don’t Sabotage Your Relationship

You’re in a relationship with a great woman, but you’ve had bad experiences before and you’re sort of waiting for it all fall apart, just like in the past. Before you go any further, you need to get rid of [...]

What’s the Most Common Marriage Problem?

The most common problem in marriage could well be entering into a relationship thinking there will be no problems. This is highly unrealistic but couples recite wedding vows daily wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses. This is not to say you [...]

Marriage Issues Don’t Happen Suddenly

A country singing star once commented that it just took him 20 years to become an overnight success. He probably didn’t even recognize the process himself but each song, each concert, took him one step closer to stardom. Each public [...]

Relationship Mistakes Married Women Make

Mistakes are going to be made in every relationship whether it’s while dating, during marriage or friendship. How we handle these mistakes can go a long way in preventing a small misunderstanding from escalating into a full blown argument. It [...]

Relationship Mistakes Married Men Make

Married men and married women both make mistakes in their relationships but if you look at a certain statistic it may be evident that men may make most of the mistakes in a marriage. It’s estimated that 3 out of [...]