woman-complimentsAs humans, we all want to feel special. Of course, women need to feel extra special. If you really want to make a woman feel weak in her knees then you need to give them lots of attention. That’s one of the basic points of seduction. Social psychology tells us that all people react to different people in different ways. Women react differently and men react differently. Even when we make love, women want to cuddle after love making, while men want to snore of. There are distinctions between us. But if you can cuddle up with the woman and then go to sleep then you can have the woman as many times as you want to.

Woman is tuned differently and they want the whole attention for themselves. They want to be “THE WOMAN” in any man’s life. If you are looking to have just any woman, then you aren’t going to go too far. Instead, concentrate on a single woman. When you go and pay a lot of attention to the woman that you want, sooner or later she is going to react to you. You can be sure that she wants you as much as you want her.

Each woman is special and if you are with that special woman in your life, you should make her feel wonderful. Women like to be given positive compliments and small gifts. It tells them that they are wanted in your life. Women have a need to be told that they are unique. If you can tell them that they are unique and keep reminding them of this fact, then you can have the woman of your dreams.

woman-feel-specialThere are many men who, with their high energy level, can charm a woman almost instantly, or even a group. But many of them will do it such a way that the women feel as if they are been made putty in the hands of the men and are been used. If a woman feels used then she will never be seduced by you. Instead she will reject you. The aim is not to have a big hit ratio but rather seduce the women for long.
Whether it is a man or a woman, you will always find the difference. This can be taken as our positive aspect or taken as our negative aspect. The point is that you can make a person feel good about it or bad about it. If you make a person feel good about her, then she will be drawn towards you almost instantly. If you make her feel bad about it then she will run far away from you.

If you want to seduce any women and especially a woman of your dreams, ensure that you make her feel good about herself, motivate her to do the things that she wants to do and be patient with her. If she is confident about herself and she likes you, then she will be overjoyed by your seduction technique and come to you.

It is easy to make any women listen to you, but to make women feel more intimately towards you can be a difficult thing to do. Fear not for psychology can easily come to your rescue.

seducing-woman-roseUse some principles of clinical psychology to help you. Clinical psychology can help you understand the sexual orientation of a person and even how they fare spiritually. It can give you insights into the whole gender issue. It is not unknown that women are different from men. Just go through clinical psychology, and you will come to understand how women operate.

Use your new found knowledge and some simple tricks that you will learn here. Use them together and I am sure that you will never have a dull moment in your life. You will get the girl when you want and wherever you want.

Trick #1
Flirt with the women you want. Complement her and add a slight undertone of sex to it. Tell her some naughty jokes. If she laughs with you, you’ve got her. She would definitely have sex on her mind at this stage. Be bold when you are flirting with her. Remember women like to see confident men. This is the reason that older men are better at seducing younger women.

Now that you have her attention completely and she is thinking about sex in no less terms. Its time to initiate slight physical touch. Use some slight physical contact on her. Brush your hands against hers. Or let your finger rest on her hands. You can even touch the tip of her hair and make a light brush against her thigh. This will make her want you more with anticipation. Even you would be feeling rushed and heady when you do this. At this point don’t go overboard or else you would spoil all the fun.

seducing-woman-bedIf she responds well to the physical contact, then its time that you took things to the next level. Ensure that you take her to a spot that is private. This place is the place where you can have unrestricted freedom, without any one over looking you. This can be her place or yours or any place where you can have total privacy. Even the poolside or the beach can be a great place to have sex.

A Kiss is very private. Start by kissing her cheeks, then her lips. Kiss her with passion but make sure that you don’t ram your entire tongue in to her mouth. If you do that then you are inviting trouble for yourself. Kissing leads to more intimate foreplay. Done rightly, it will make her want to all the more. The anticipation of actual sex at this point will be very thrilling for her.

Have foreplay with her. It helps to set the mood right. Now gently increase the intensity and make the right moves. I don’t think I really need to tell you how to make love to her. You know how to get a woman’s booty!