young-couple-seductionDo you want to seduce the woman you like? If this is the case then you must master the art of seduction. Women should find you irresistible if you want to seduce them. You can get any woman you want if you know the right way to seduce them. When we talk of seduction, we refer to the way in which one behaves and how he speaks with the woman he wants to seduce. Here, body language and the choice of words play a very important role. Always keep in mind that you can either break or create an opportunity of attracting and seducing women with the right words. Similarly, you must also concentrate on your body language because even if you use the right words you may not be able to seduce a woman if you do not make proper use of body language or gestures.

Both men as well as the women tend to play mind games in the seduction process. Only those men succeed in the game of seduction if they are very careful about each and every move that they make. He should show uniqueness and have an objective. With these two elements, he will be able to actually live the experience of seduction and not simply perform the act of seduction. You can make yourself irresistible to the women if you have passion, compassion, distinctiveness and a personal style.

woman-body-languageFirstly, it is important that you get connected with your inborn seductiveness so that you can first seduce yourself before seducing some one else. The feelings that you have when you are with a woman is not about the way you feel about her but it is all about the feelings that you have for yourself when you are with her. This kind of psychological thinking will help you create a perfect and a memorable seduction. Bring out the different thoughts and emotions in her so that she can connect them with you. You can make her fall for you in very little time if you show her a completely new and different experience. This way she would feel unique and she would be drawn towards you.

Most women like men who are outgoing, open and those with a great sense of humor. So if you want to attract women, make sure that you are not uptight. However, it may be a good idea to look a little mysterious as women love to discover or unfold the mystery in men. The more mysterious you look the more attractive you will be to the women. Also be very confident because women love men who are full of confidence. It is a very good idea to lean towards the lady when you are talking to her. Touch is very important in the seduction process. Touch her hand, shoulder or hair when you are with her. This may speed up and enhance the seduction process and if the lady is interested in you then she would give you a sign.

Walk into a bar or a lounge and start a conversation with the person that you are attracted to. This will require a lot of confidence. Confidence has nothing to do with height, stature or looks. It’s an inherent power lying inside of you. If you think that you can do it then it will show. This comes out in your inherent personal communication skills.

seduce-two-womenThe art of seduction lies within a person. You should make use the powers of persuasion. This means that you need to know what turns a person on and what turns a person off. When you know what motivates a person to be drawn towards you, use your persuasive skills to draw the person closer to you. The seduction has to be the first step in the foreplay. Many of the old texts talk about sex and how to go about the various positions. However, seduction is more than just sex. It is what sets your partner on fire and make her want to have you more than anything else that she desires.

You should get to know her psychologically. Use your powers of persuasion to get what you want rather than manipulating of her thought. You can try thinking the things which she may have in her mind. Usually all women will give subtle or even direct hints. Catch those hints and influence her thinking. Within the first few minutes, you can have her eating out of your palms.

Women like men to be in control and feel wanted. This is the reason that even now, some of the smartest and the most beautiful women are not seen alongside the more rich and famous. Some of these rich and famous people don’t have time for these gorgeous women, and these women then seek solace elsewhere. Who doesn’t know of Diana, the late princess? If you really want to attract the Diana’s of the world, then you have to listen to them and pay them attention.

nice-guy-datingDo not say things that the women would expect you to say. Instead, you should say some of the things that are least likely to be said so that there is always a surprise element in your conversation. Use social psychology to understand how she would react to you. Humans have an inherent ability to interact and react to another person. Since you are different and you make her feel wanted, she would be happy to be seduced by you. All women are looking for relationships where they want to feel loved, cared and protected for. If you can provide this semblance through your communication skills, then you have got what you are looking for.