seduce-a-womanYou must have heard many times that mastering the art of seduction is one tough task. However, it is not an impossible thing if you are willing to make an effort to learn the seduction techniques. The most important element in seduction is attraction. If the woman you want to seduce is not attracted to you then seduction will not be possible. So make sure that she is attracted to you before proceeding to your seduction plan. In this article you will find some of the top secrets of seduction which most men uses to seduce their women.

Needless to say, the first and foremost thing which you need to do in the seduction process is the creation of attraction. There are some women who are attracted to men because of their outer appearances. There are also some women who like the thinking, mentality and sense of humor in men. First learn how you can attract a woman so that you can seduce her later. When you feel that you have made the woman fall for you, start your seduction process. Women simply love men who have a good sense of humor and who can sweet-talk. The conversation you share should have some humor and try to make body contacts with her whenever you can. Touch, smell or brush her hair aside. Women love it when their men are crazy for their hair.

Apart from making her attracted to you, it is important for you to let her know that you also attracted to her. The mentality of women is such that if they don’t think that men are attracted to them then they would show their interest in you. Just give her a sign or use your body language. Look in to her eyes when you are having a conversation with her. Lean towards her. She will know from your body language that you are interested in her and if she does not show signs of rejection then you can jump on to the next level.

attract-a-womanWomen have the tendency to think a lot when it comes to men. This is not some thing new because women are known for their complicated nature. There is no single man in the world who can actually say that he understand women. So when you are planning your seduction, start thinking the way she thinks. Some men are able to read the thoughts of women. They do not have any special gift; they simply have made an effort to try to understand what women are thinking at that particular moment. For example, if you see that the woman you like is interested in you but she is too shy to make any move then you make the move for her. Reach out for her so that she can shed all her inhibitions. Likewise, if she is interested but unsure of it then make her feel that the attraction between the two is so strong that ending up together in bed would be inevitable. These are some of the things which you should keep in mind while planning your seduction.

All women are taught to be wary of men. Women are conditioned by the society and by their mothers to be cautious of men. They are told that they should not trust the opposite sex easily for men tend to take advantage of them and ultimately break their hearts. Now this can be a great stumbling block for many men who simply want to seduce the women. With cases of physical abuse and rape becoming more common, women need to be cautious of men. If they are not then they may end up getting hurt in the end.

This happens but not every man is like that. You need to earn her trust and treat her will so that she will know that you will not hurt her. If you are an impatient man, then women would most probably just run away. But that needn’t be the case if you know how to seduce women in the right way. Believe me, there are situations where you can be really fast about the seduction process. This technique works really well in the nightclubs and bars. On the other hand, this technique can work equally well in other situations like the office environment or even at small parties. The main point is that you have to build up a trust.

attractive-womanIf you are in an elevator which gets stuck or are involved in an accident, then you quickly turn to the person who seems to have some common connection with you. You then begin to have faith in that person. Something that would have taken you months to do happens in a very short time. The technique also uses very little time in order to make a woman trust you and get seduced by you.

If you are in a nightclub or a bar, walk up to a girl or a girl in a group. Take the permission from the girl and her group to say something to her. If she likes you, she will definitely walk away with you. Hold her hand and say something beautiful to her, compliment her on her looks or tell her something with humor. Humor helps to make the situation friendlier and she will open up faster that you can think.

There are couples of things which can work for you. The first thing is that you are creating the touch factor. You are providing a physical assurance that you like her and would like to know her more intimately and you would take care of her. Women like it when men take care of them. Secondly, you are creating a bond between two strangers in an unknown place. Both of you are in unfamiliar surroundings and this is a common thing for you. Here you are also creating trust between both of you. Something that would normally have taken months to do can be only done in a few minutes.

When you combine all the elements, the seduction process becomes complete and you can enjoy yourself all the more.