religious-dating-coupleIt is said that “godliness is a virtue, “ which would make a godly person a ‘virtuous’ person. That makes it attractive, or creates a powerful incentive to search for someone who would be a ‘virtuous’ date in the religious arena.

The first and most obvious religious place thought about to find a religious-minded date is undoubtedly the church. Looking for a date among your church congregation makes sense on many levels because there are several advantages to consider.

Among the most obvious advantage is that as a member or a regular attendant at the church, you have some familiarity with others who attend the church. The congregation of the church is somewhat like a family and so there is a certain level of understanding that exists among everyone.

That basic level of familiarity makes it easier to feel comfortable to go on a date with someone because the person will not be a total stranger. Even if it’s a situation where you don’t know and never met the person at any time while you attended church, it’s likely that there is another church member who you could ask about your potential date. Dating an individual from church therefore means there is a strong chance you can get a reference about the potential date, so that you would have some advance knowledge before you go on an actual date.

Dating someone who is religious-minded like yourself means your date will likely have certain qualities. You can safely assume that religion and being spiritual will be important to your potential date, as those qualities are to you. And if the person is religious and spiritual, then he or she also should possess other appealing qualities such as being honest, genuine, and have a positive outlook from life.

christian-datingWhen you decide to go on dates, it means that you and the other person have an initial attraction to each other and want to find out if there are other qualities you both possess that will make the two of you good partners for a possible future life together. By dating someone who already has a quality – being religious – and others that are important to you, it can make you more relaxed by reducing some of the initial anxiety about what your new date is like.

If a potential date is found at the church you attend, it means that you and the person will have a similarity in religious belief. That’s important because disagreements can arise in situations where there are differences related to religion. Having similar religious beliefs and faith as your date means there is a stronger possibility for the two of you to have more harmony.

If you also date someone who has the same religious beliefs as yourself, especially if you both attend the same church, you also can experience growing together in spirituality and knowledge of your faith. As this happens, it would mean that you both would be forming a closer bond and the dating experience would also deepen and become more meaningful.

couple-prayingFinding a date at church also means there is a reduced likelihood you and your date will have disputes about where to go on a date. Because religion will play an important role in the lives of you and your date, the types of dates you go on will have to meet that quality of being suitable to your religious beliefs.

The dates you go on also may be different from those a non-religious person would enjoy. For two religious-minded individuals, dating will not strictly serve the purpose of being fun and enjoyable. While on a date, you likely will go to places and do things that also serve the purpose of enhancing your religious belief and spirituality.