man-kissing-hand-womanSeduction is an art where a person intentionally attract or lure another person. When we talk about seduction, we refer to the ways through which a person can sexually attract another person (usually of the opposite sex). Not every one can master the art of seduction but then again it is not difficult to learn how you can seduce a woman. Almost all the women love to be seduced and as such, you need to know or learn the methods or techniques to attract the ladies. Many men do not have sufficient knowledge about seduction. In this article, you are going to learn the perfect ways through which you can seduce the opposite sex.

By following the tips or information provided here, you can attract any woman you want. Firstly, it is very important to understand how the minds of the women work. They love romantic things and sweet nothings. If you want to attract a woman, it is important for you to know what she wants. Most women do not like men who are an introvert. So if you want to attract a woman, do not go all shy in front of her because that will most definitely be a turn-off. You must know that understanding women is not an easy task because they tend to rely on their subconscious mind when they have to take any emotional decision.

conversation-dateSo if you meet a woman that you want to date and seduce, you should first get to know a little bit about her personality. When you have some idea about her personality, you will automatically know what you should do to attract her. Let us assume that there is a lady whom you are attracted to and you want to seduce her. Indulge in conversations.

It is through the conversation that you can find out about the kind person she is. Try and find out what she likes and dislikes; the kind of man she is usually attracted to, etc. By gathering such information, you can create you seduction plan. If she likes flowers or chocolates then buy them for her. You should talk about things in general at first and then you can include more personal questions into your conversation.

The first thing that a woman will notice in a man is his outer appearance. If you look smart then you have a better chance to attract the woman that you like. It is also a good idea to use good cologne to take the breath away of your lady and make her drool over you. If you can make yourself attractive to the woman you like then it’s only a matter of time when you will find her in your arms. Let us look at the summary of what you should do to seduce a woman:

S- Sell yourself to her.

E- Engage in a sweet conversation.

D- Delight her always.

U- Understand what she is looking for in a guy.

C- Capture her heart.

E- End up seducing her.

Trying to seduce girl is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you have just met the girl. Girls are different from boys and they react in a completely different way. However, knowing some techniques of psychology can make things different for you. Women can be categorized into 3 different groups. These are known as the personality types. If you can pinpoint the correct personality type and talk to them accordingly, then bingo! You can seduce that girl.

The three categories tell us how they express themselves and how they view the world. These personality types will give us the information on how to approach them. Look out for the right cues that these personalities will give out. You would be able to differentiate between these personalities and let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to do. By doing this, you will be able to score and easily seduce the girls.

The Auditory Woman

the-auditory-girlThese girls like to hear each and every description. If you are talking bout the fishing trip, then you would need to tell them how the river was flowing and whether there was a roar of water falling. What happened when your friend fell down the slope? How loud was the gurgle of the rushing water? All these events need to be told in very good narration or description with amplified sound. If you want to seduce this personality, you need to be loud and very descriptive. Just a small mention or small conversation will not do. They like to see a lot of theatrics present in your conversation. They like their men to be bold and confident and more audible than the rest.

The Visual Woman

the-visual-girlThey like to see the visual aspect. With them, you need to demonstrate each and every thing visually. This means that if you say that the moon was shining very brightly. Point to the light and show her. They need to see everything in color or black and white to understand the conversation. When trying to seduce this personality, you need to be visually creative and give many gifts to them. They are happy to see many pictures. If they can visualize something, when you are having a conversation, then you know that you have got your girl.

The Kinesthetic Woman

They understand more through touch. This means that you have to make them ‘feel’ the touches. If you are talking about smoothness, make them touch the smoothness of the glass to validate your point. They under feelings more than others. Say that “The tranquility on the beach was great”. They quickly connect to the words “feeling and touch”. This is quite a bonus since it would be easier to have a physical contact with these girls.

the-kinesthetic-girlThe problem is how to know which personality type a girl belongs to. You simply need to look out for the buzz words. The way she will describe an event or have a conversation with you will tell you her personality types.

Psychology plays a major part in seduction. It is your beliefs and strengths that will lead you to the victory. If aren’t sure about your own motives, believes, strengths and weaknesses then you won’t be successful in any sphere of life, leave alone seduction.

Your beliefs and motivation are built through what psychologists call ‘clinical psychology’. What you perceive and then act upon is known as social psychology.

Beliefs And Motivation Can Be Changed

The first thing to understand is that all beliefs and motivation can be changed. Of course they aren’t going to be changed overnight. You have to make a conscious effort to change the perceived notions. Even if you have had negative experiences with women, you can still change the way that women perceive you.

If you were rejected in high school, it doesn’t mean that you would be rejected all through your life. Remember Charlie Chaplin, Brad Pitt, Hitler and many others were not great lookers and early in their life met with stiff opposition and problems. This included women problems as well but they never gave up. With a positive streak they went head in their lives. Later in their lives, they got the women that they wanted.

Reframe Your Beliefs And Motivation

womanzierAcknowledge the fact that you have certain inherent deficiencies. But remember that you have certain qualities too so you should work on those great qualities. When you do work on your qualities then you become more confident. The confidence transforms into a ‘can do’ attitude. With confidence, comes the power to change and do your work.

When you have a positive attitude, acknowledge your qualities and your defeat, have power, and then your body language will automatically show the difference. With just a single glance, women would want to talk to you and would vie to get your attention. A confident and a powerful man is a great turn on for women. They are happy to be associated with such men as they can take care of them

Women Are Emotional Creatures

Deep down, they like to be loved and cared for. They need to be protected and like to have a man in charge who can give them all that they require. Once you have the attention of women, go for the one that you would like to have. Use reverse psychology and don’t pay her too much attention. She will then seek out your attention thus, giving the competition a tough fight.

cute-woman-flowerUse your body language and your voice to draw her out but remember that you can’t rush a woman. If you rush her, then she might get scared and run away. I am sure you do not wish to scare her away. You would prefer that she stays with you.

The slight touch comes later in the seduction game. But if she is interested in you, then she won’t shy away or jerk you away. If a woman jerks your hand or remains cold to your touch then she is definitely not interested. Break of the connection rather than continuing to pursue her, else you will be stuck in a no win situation. Remember don’t ram her like a Formula 1 car but take her gently like an old Bentley.