Dating Tips for Men

-Dating Tips for Men

Direct Honest Seduction

Attractive women are used to male attraction all the time. All men have different ways of expressing their desires and have different seduction techniques. Sometimes one technique works and at other times other technique works for seduction. Silent admirers Some [...]

Women Like Positive Approaches!

You’ve spotted a nice woman that you’d like to get to know. Your initial approach is going to make all the difference in how she perceives you and whether or not she’s open to getting to know you better. When [...]

Who Will You Present to Single Women?

When entering the dating pool, you have some options in regards to who you want to “be.” It’s pretty important to remember that being yourself is your best bet, but you might want to be the enhanced or special edition [...]

Gaming Is for XBox and Playstation

For men, pursuit is often part of the fun of dating. That’s the reason men love games. You get to hunt things and conquer worlds and creatures. Great, but leave the gaming in your den. Women are not big game [...]

From Time to Time, You’re Going to Strike Out

No one, not even the savviest, sexiest guy on the planet gets every date he wants and has a 100% dating success record. You’re going to strike out once in awhile. Someone you really like might turn you down for [...]

Where Do You Go to Find a Good Woman?

You’re on the prowl for a nice, cute, fun woman to date. Where are you going to find her? You’re a nice guy, so maybe you think the bar scene is a bad idea – it may or may not [...]

Know When to Back Off to Get Further

In a dating relationship, especially when you’re still just getting to know each other, you have to play a bit of a cat and mouse game. Lots of people get upset when the word “game” is associated with dating. The [...]

Make an Effort to Bump Into the Right Women

Finding the right women to date is going to take some effort on your part. Unless you’re unusually lucky, the chances of Mrs. Right showing up at your door are pretty slim. On the other hand, the chance of you [...]

What to Bring on a First Date

If a first date brings to mind a picture of you at her doorstep with a dozen roses and a box of candy, you may need a new picture. The question of what to “bring” to a first date should [...]

What’s a Good First Date Idea?

You’re planning to invite her out for your first date. If you’ll be inviting her to join you for something you’re already going to, you don’t need to worry about what to do. If you don’t have something planned, you [...]

Wake Up, Nice Guy!

Hopefully, you’re not despairing over not being a bad boy. Nice guys have one major advantage over bad boys – nice guys pay attention and care about a woman’s needs. This is actually an advantage for a couple of reasons. [...]

How to Know If You Have Chemistry With a Woman

You’ve met someone you really like. You have common interests and you’re physically attracted to her. She’s nice, smart, has a decent job and seems to have herself together. What more could you ask? Or rather, what more should you [...]