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-Tiffany Burke

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Tiffany Burke is a Dating and Relationship Expert. She has written numerous Books and Guides on Dating and Relationship Topics.

How to Cope Up After a Broken Relationship

A lot of people tend to take break up seriously. They allow break up to rule their life. This affects their personal and professional relationship in a negative manner. Health of the individual is also affected badly. This is because [...]

Learn The Secrets To Attract Women

You must have heard many times that mastering the art of seduction is one tough task. However, it is not an impossible thing if you are willing to make an effort to learn the seduction techniques. The most important element [...]

How To Create An Attractive Online Dating Profile

Online dating profiles are the equivalent of meeting someone in person in terms of representing yourself and what it is that you are interested in. The sites we have mentioned all make creating a profile fairly easy, with prompts and [...]

Recreate Your First Date To Revive Your Relationship

You ever wish you could go back in time and just recreate all of the feelings you had for one another on the first date? Well, I've got a few ideas that might help you grab a hold of that [...]

Learn How To Write A Wonderful Love Letter

You want to tell your partner how you feel about them but you end up staring at a blank screen for so long you give up. Or you try a few lines only to delete them all and start over. [...]

Dating Advice For Singles

For those people that are unattached and trying to get in the middle of the dating scene, there are some pointers that you may be able to use in trying to land a great dating partner. Most dating advice you’ll [...]

Don’t Let Financial Problems Ruin Your Marriage

Is money so hard to understand? Financial problems in a marriage are definitely a true relationship killer and one of the most common marriage problems that unnecessarily result in divorce. Money matters are quite simple when you think about it. [...]

Communication Is The Key To A Happy Marriage

When people are told that they need to communicate more they often think that that is an open invitation to talk but there is a complete difference between talking and communicating. Communicating is an art, and art of combining the [...]

How To Master The Art Of Seduction

Do you want to seduce the woman you like? If this is the case then you must master the art of seduction. Women should find you irresistible if you want to seduce them. You can get any woman you want [...]

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys and Dump Nice Guys?

Why are most women attracted to those motorcycle types, dirty and grungy looking Lotharios that their mothers and fathers have told them to not be involved in? Is it because of these men’s inherently good looks, scorching bad boy quality? [...]

Most Common Relationship Problems and Solutions

There’s always a point in relationships when things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Relationship problems arise, often because of the conflicting beliefs of the people involved, or the interruption of other matters, or the difficulty to express oneself in [...]

Use Storytelling Techniques To Attract Any Woman

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that I feel is very important and powerful when it comes to meeting and holding the interest of not only women but anyone in your life. This subject is none [...]